The Tony Howard Show

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Tony Howard started performing at an early age. He has one of the most dynamic crossover shows on the market, singing the best oldies and beach music tunes such as: My Girl; Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy; Carolina Girls; Shout and many some of the hottest dance tunes such as: Brick House; Come On Ride This Train; and Whoop There It Is.  But lets not forget the great country side of Tony Howard, he also sings:  Grand Tour;  UnChain Melody;  Can't Help Falling In Love, and many other country tunes. Tony Howard sings whatever is required to please the crowd.
Tony Howard's drive for success has put him in the top with some of the best performers, never letting down or slowing up. His show is full of exitement because he really knows how to keep the audience into it. This is one act you don't want to miss! Tony Howard has opened for some of the best, like James Brown, M.C. Hammer, Sawyer Brown, Sharon Stone, The Temptations, Jerry Butler, The O'Jays, The Oak Ridge Boys, and many more. He has been on tour with the one and only..Godfather of Soul...James Brown.  Tony Howard w/ James Brown

The Tony Howard Dancers
(for concerts and big shows)

The Tony Howard Band

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For the Younger Generation:

Hot In Here Pump Up the Jam It Takes Two (Rob Bass)
Incomplete It Wasn't Me Take It to the House
What I Like About You Oooooh Weee Push It
Hey Ya Gossip Folks In Da Club