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Dana Russell

Shag Attack Shag Attack is a dynamic group of five seasoned and professional musicians who have performed together in various ensembles for over twenty years. This present incarnation has performed for three years. The band was formed when Jimbo Durham and Mike Hill from the group “BrassTyme” joined with Bobby Simmons from the Rickey Godfrey Band and Ronnie Goldman from the Fabulous Expressions. The group rose quickly in popularity, playing up and down the Grand Strand, as well as all over the “Freshwater Coast” of South Carolina.

The band’s first recording effort was “My Knees Are Gettin’ Sore” written by Rickey Godfrey and produced by Bobby Simmons, and Buddy Strong of Southeastern Studios in Greenville. This recording climbed to number 21 in the Beach Music Charts, and was followed by “Who’s Lying Beside You”. Shag Attack continued to gain notoriety and following in the Beach music world until bassist and co-founder, Mike Hill suffered a severe stroke at the end of 2011. The band took a year off waiting for Mike to recover. When it became apparent that Mike would not be able to perform again and other members had gone in different directions, Jimbo set about reorganizing the band into the present configuration. Jimbo’s next recording effort was “Bouncin’ Back,” produced by Buddy Strong, Bobby Simmons, and Rickey Godfrey. It rose into the top 10 on the charts and was nominated for a 2014 CAMMY award. Currently on the Beach charts is "I Can't Quit You". It was also a CAMMY nomination along with a nomination for Jimbo as Instrumentalist of the Year and Best New Artist of the Year.

Shag Attack comes to party! “That’s What We Do”, Jimbo reminds the audience at the start of every performance. Driven by Jimbo’s rich, gutsy vocals and highly danceable drum rhythms, the band hits the ground running and keeps the audience engaged and on the dance floor all night. The rhythm section is rounded out by Daryl McDaniel’s thumping bass lines and vocals. Brad Owensby dazzles the audience with his blazing, yet soulful guitar and his vocal harmonies. Jon Lee fills in any holes with keyboards, while Dave Galloway spices things up with sax, percussion, flute, harmonica, and EWI.

Unlike many bands today, every sound you hear from Shag Attack is played live. They do not use any sequenced or prerecorded tracks. Every note comes from the heart of one of these five musicians. Also unlike many current bands, Shag Attack continues to provide their own sound and light systems which can be scaled to fit any venue. No need to spend extra money and go through the hassle of trying to find a separate production company to provide sound and lights.

Five performers who provide their own sound and lights for any size or type of event, and provide a wide variety of music to keep the audience engaged! You can’t do better than Shag Attack for your next event!


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